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Imagine the sight of thousands of flyers dropped out of a plane in order to focus the public attention on a political message. Studio Moniker developed the digital equivalent of this image. was developed to convince legislators in America to preserve ‘net neutrality’ in the US.

The Mozilla Foundation committed itself to the preservation of net neutrality. Paperstorm was part of their campaign to inform and activate the public about this. The website is a (playful) opportunity for Internet users to play an active part in it.

When you open the website, you’ll find yourself floating above the building of the FCC in Washington, D.C. A huge image of a pamphlet about preserving net neutrality opens up. When you click on it, the pamphlet whirls down and lands on the building. At the bottom of the screen you have an infinite pile of flyers at your disposal. With each click on the pile or anywhere else in the browser window you can drop one flyer over and over again. Notifications and a counter keep encouraging you to drop (very many) flyers.


Dutch Design Award Winner 2018 – Communication

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