Paula Arntzen

Paula Arntzen

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Paula Arntzen established her design studio in 2009. She focuses on designing products and monumental light installations for public spaces. Since earning her master’s degree at the Royal College of Art, in 2015, her studio is based in London.

‘Nouveaux Royal’ is a collection of lamps characterized by a renewed way of combining elegancy and monumental forms. The surface texture is a modern reference to the opulent decor found in France’s Palace of Versailles.

The installation ‘Heliodiscus’ is a collection of lights inspired by the book ‘Kunstformen der Natur’ (1904) by German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel. Paula was asked to design a lighting installation in the atrium of the fashion and design hotel Modez.

‘Shape’ is an installation with four big chandeliers designed for a church where the Arnhem Fashion Biennale was held. The whole installation is made out of white paper with red light to create a special accent in the big white space.

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