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The Girl and the Machine

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A machine that only produces unique, perfect clothing? Yes, it does exist, and the technique is called 3D-knitting. The Girl and The Machine, the new label founded by designer Rosanne van der Meer (1979), uses such a machine. The customer can customize the design to his or her own wishes, with exactly the desired neckline and length. The Girl and The Machine thus offers customers a unique, tailor-made garment and provides a solution to the growing waste mountain of unsold clothes.

How does it work?
The Girl and the Machine has developed a digital production process in which 3D-knitting is combined with the consumer’s personal preferences. He/she chooses the pattern, design, color and material. The garment can be personalized by adjusting the sleeve and hem length, neckline and model to the individual requirements. When the correct body measurements are provided, the machine produces the selected garment in precisely the right size. The first design is the Illusion Knit Sweater. Depending on the wishes of the future wearer, this garment may be made as a sweater, cardigan, or dress.

Photos: Lobke Leijser

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