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Peter Matthias Noordzij

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Peter Matthias Noordzij was trained as a designer at the KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Art The Hague) and initiated the font PMN Caecilia during his studies. Adrian Frutiger noticed it and advised Linotype to release the font, which in 1991 was introduced to the market in 4 weights with italics. The eText variant for screen display mode was created later on and more than 30 years after the ‘slab’ family Noordzij designed the Sans. This family of 7 weights of type got apart from italic types also an ‘oblique’ and in addition to the ‘Text’ also the ‘Head’ was released with larger contrasts for headline applications. Starting point was the optimal readability at digital screens. The letters of the new Sans blend smoothly with the traditional ‘slab’ versions. Noordzij is in addition to the driving force behind “The Enschedé Font Foundry” also a graphic designer and book designer of traditional and digital editions. This experience is well reflected in the great qualities of the PMN Caecilia Sans.

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