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Studio Petra Vonk presents Plectere acoustic textile design. Plectere is a solution for interior spaces where acoustic improvement and more tactility are desired.

Through more privacy, pleasant acoustics, comfort and tactility on the work floor, employees perform better. Plectere can be used as a semi-transparent space divider to delineate different work areas. It can also be applied to existing workspaces to specify work areas while providing more privacy and peace. It is easy to move, so it can grow with the demands of the spatial environment.

Plectere is made by hand from woolen felt strips. The work is characterized by a 3D structure with an intriguing, repeating pattern. Plectere’s acoustic function is achieved by weaving the felt into a 3D structure. The transparency of the material allows the user to demarcate spaces without sealing them off hermetically.

Plectere can be supplied as a partition wall, in a wooden frame, or can be manufactured as a 3D object.

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