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Ben Faydherbe


Ben Faydherbe has for ten years now designed the visual identity, posters and invitations for the various cultural activities of the The Hague artists’ initiative Stichting Ruimtevaart (Foundation Aerospace).

Aerospace is a so-called breeding place where new cultural initiatives are facilitated; some 20 artists have their studios there. In addition, Ruimtevaart organizes activities, such as exhibitions, lectures, concerts and film screenings.

In addition to the recurring formal grid for the textual information, in the designs for the posters a mix of typography, photography, color and structure is subtly applied to draw the attention of the spectator. The idea is not so much to create a direct representation of a title for an exhibition or performance but rather to design a layered image embodying the possibility of multiple interpretations.

All posters are printed digitally – edition as required – and also used for promotion via email and Facebook.

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