Potato Shard

Coline Gautier

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In Northern France, a large quantity of World War I metal scraps remains in the soil. After collecting exploded bombshells from the farmers, Coline Gautier chose to repurpose these steel cylinders into cutlery by slicing, forging and grinding them.

Then afterwards came back to Loos en Gohelle (the town where she collected the material), to organize a diner where inhabitants were invited to share a diner with the cutlery. A simple way to connect people together, open discussions and above all transform a negative material into something positive.

Coline Gautier, is French and graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Intrested by narratives and storytelling, she likse to dig landscapes and search for the hidden and highlight the daily invisible to reveal its beauty. Using often the body as a tool,  she tries to create a bond between human and nature.


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