Recolored – a new way of recycling

Jessica den Hartog

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In her project ‘Recolored’, ­Jessica den Hartog presents a personal interpretation of the possibilities of recycled plastics as a material with its own quality and identity. Her research arose from her preference to work with plastics and the total absence of aesthetics in its recycling.

Jessica den Hartog: “As a designer, I started a research that serves as a library of colours and materials in a never-ending process. All the possibilities of turning recycled plastic into new materials provide me and others with aesthetic materials made from waste.”

“Starting with a bale of HDPE plastic and separating this by colour, I sorted, washed and recycled everything by hand. This gave me the opportunity to search for the limits of usefulness. This stimulated me to take new paths.”

Book ‘Recolored – a new way of recycling’

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