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Isabel Quiroga is a product designer based in Amsterdam. Her work explores how to design not only material, but also a relationship between man and object. In her recent work, the designer uses colour to personalise her designs. By creating objects that are the same in their function, but differ in colour composition, she encourages the user to look closely at the objects. This stimulates a process of reflection and brings forth a conscious choice, which again forms a base for a bond between the user and the object.

The images show designs of a series of candle holders, side tables and floor lamps.

The series of candlesticks is made of steel pipes and consists of two separate parts. The design makes it possible to work with different colours, and the range of colour combinations is endless.  This allows everyone to choose a combination that suit their personal taste and interior.

A side table made of folded aluminium. This makes it sturdy, and light at the same time. The images show two copies. A full-colour version with two contrasting colours in a stripe pattern. In the second example, the colour of the material remains visible, creating a nice interplay between the material and the added colour. The table can be used standing and lying down.

The floor lamp combines the function of a side table with that of a lamp. It consists of separate parts that make it easy to work with different finishes. This gives the opportunity for different colour combinations that create unique pieces that perfectly suit the user and their interior. It can be placed next to a sofa or bed, in the hall or anywhere light and a table are needed.

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