REM Atelier – Remty Elenga & Remco van Halderen

REM Atelier

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One Week About Dutch Designers in Milan, curated by Ventura Projects / Organisation in Design

REM Atelier is not just a fusion between the first three letters of two first names… Artist Remty Elenga and designer Remco van Halderen created with REM Atelier a continuous and collaborative art and design project that has started in 2015. Together they create objects and situations in which functionality and the perception towards an object are explored, using decor as a tool and moving back and forth between reality and fiction. They are most famously known for ‘Growing Plants Indoors’.

Growing Plants Indoors is an ongoing project that started out with a series of light boxes with three dimensional representations of banana plants in them. Growing Plants Indoors shows a depiction of a life size banana plant which seems to be trapped in it’s wooden casing. In it’s hyper realistic state, the plant behind milky plexiglass suggests to be alive, brought to life by the lights that shine trough the thin green leaves. But when one looks closer, certain facts break the illusion of the image.

Ventura Future
FuturDome building: Via Paisiello 6, Milan
Università building: Viale Abruzzi 42, Milan
Loft building: Via Donatella 36, Milan
17 – 22 April, 2018

Milan Design Week 2018 – photo Claudio Grassi
Milan Design Week 2018 – photo Claudio Grassi
Milan Design Week 2018
Milan Design Week 2018
Milan Design Week 2018
Trestle Dazzle – Photo by Pim Top
Photo by Pim Top
Triptych – Photo by Pim Top
Growing Plants Indoors – Photo by Pim Top
Crop – Photo by Pim Top

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