RvR Chair

Dirk van der Kooij

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Dirk van der Kooij’s RvR Chair is a stackable chair. His Chubby Chair provided the basic principle, except that the RvR Chair is made in one piece.

Thanks to a new robot arm it is now possible to move the chair directly from the production plate to the mold, where it gets its final form. The result is a layered line pattern of intertwining legs and armrests. Moreover, the interplay of lines reveals how the chair is made.

The RvR Chair has been nominated for the Dutch Design Awards 2015. The selection committee: “The RvR Chair is produced in half an hour, a substantial gain in time in comparison to the time that was needed for the making of the first copies [of a forerunner] in 2010. This indicates that the printing of furniture may be a viable and competitive technique, both in terms of cost (an expensive mold is not required) and production time. The committee appreciates the merging of the colors, the use of recycled materials, the stacking system and the robustness of the end product.”

Finalist Dutch Design Awards 2015

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