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Sander Lak

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If there is one branch of design that seems decisive for the end of the twentieth and the early twenty-first century, it is fashion. Sander Lak plays a determining role in this. He grew up in Asia and Africa. After graduating from the fashion department of ArtEZ in Arnhem, he studied from 2006 to 2008 at Central Saint Martins in London, an institute that some students from those days described as the hell of education on earth. Sander Lak graduated with flying colors and after stopovers at the fashion houses of Phillip Lim and Balmain, he became head designer at Dries van Noten and has since 2015 been creative director at the New York label Sies Marjan.

In the interview for the blog of Ontwerp Platform Arnhem, Sander Lak explains that what he wants most of all is to create ‘good’ work. According to Sander Lak, good work is work that is entirely time-bound and consequently entirely timeless. But how does one as a designer get hold of the spirit of the times? Lak’s advice: “Keep your eyes open, stay informed of the kind of movies that are released, the exhibitions that are in the making, and the title of the book that comes first on the wish lists. Don’t forget to analyze what you observe. Why is this book at the top of the list? Why have two films been released around that specific person? The spirit of the times has a structure and a certain formula and both of which are indecipherable, but nevertheless you can feel things and draw conclusions from what is happening now and what was going on yesterday.”

Read the interview with Sander Lak on the blog of Ontwerp Platform Arnhem

Text: Peter Nijenhuis

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