The Sculpture Garden for the Trees!

Circus Andersom

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Disruptive walking routes through the Kröller Müller Museum’s magnificent sculpture garden.

Traditionally, the nature surrounding the Kröller Müller Museum is the ideal environment for art. With the walk ‘The Sculpture Garden for the Trees’, Circus Andersom turns this around. Could art be the ideal entrance for nature experiences? For both art and nature, the thinking head is only one entrance for the experience. What happens when the whole body is allowed to participate? Not just the eyes and brain, but hearing, smell, sense of touch, sense of balance, the silence and even sense of confusion?

When, on a hiking trail, you are invited to get off track, reduce speed, walk backwards and flatten yourself on the grass that might not be ordinary? Where you are invited to forest bath (please leave underwear on), take off your (hand) shoes and let the ongoing opera of the forest come to you.

Makers’ collective Circus Andersom has set out a short and a long walking route through the sculpture garden, which appeals to all your senses. The focus of the walk is the connection between people, art and nature. For instance, you will have a good conversation with a tree, attend a forest opera, practice your flexibility and recharge your energy with a work of art. During the walk, you will be questioned, disconcerted and your imagination will be called upon. You will gain a fresh perspective on how we as humans relate to art and nature.

Sensory Walking Route
Kröller Müller Museum
23 March – 15 September, 2024

Photography: Circus Andersom, Ward Groutars

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