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Scholten & Baijings were commissioned by the Textielmuseum to design a new piece of furniture and a new fabric. The designers and their team seized this assignment with both hands and ultimately designed a 3D printed piece of furniture and as many as eight fabrics based on flora and fauna.

The inspiration for the transparency, the layering and the size of the 3D piece of furniture that was 3D printed in one go are drawn from woven textiles. For the different fabrics, the designers were influenced by the work of Jozef Frank and the ‘secret garden’ of their own new studio. This garden started with a design drawing made by Piet Oudolf, the Netherlands’ most famous landscape designer. The design drawing itself served as a starting point for the first fabric, entitled ‘Piet Oudolf Garden’, woven in the TextielLab.

The Scholten & Baijings studio is now housed in the old sewage pumping station, a monument dating back to 1925 located right next to the Rijksmuseum. The plants, flowers and animals in the poetic garden of this old sewage pumping station triggered off the other fabrics. Guiding principles such as the earth and the leaves on the trees have been translated into different materials and techniques carried out in eight unique fabrics.

Photos: Inga Powilleit

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Secret Garden

Scholten & Baijings

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