Aurore Brard

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Aurore Brard is a social product designer based in Eindhoven. In her works she strives to reduce the margins between diverse social groups and the norms. She define her practice as Inclusive design.

If you were visually impaired, would you rather have to touch the spoilt picks of the fork or be able to intuitively recognise it by feeling the shape of the handle? Could that even become an aesthetic feature for everyone?

 See-eat-through is an elegant tableware set for ordinary use that also enables visually impaired people to perceive the table objects and their functions more clearly. The glass makes the water visible while pouring it using colour contrast and refraction. The plate has a subtle relief ring to feel the position of the inner edge of the plate and uses colour contrast to be visible on different backgrounds. See-eat-through can be used by anyone to share a pleasant experience.

To develop this project Aurore Brard participated in the monthly event Oogcafé in Eindhoven, where she could research and test her ideas and models with the members who have a vision between 0% and 30%.

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