micro house Slim Fit

Ana Rocha architecture


Slim fit is a micro house of 50 m2 gross floor area, designed in view of urban densification. With its minimal footprint of 16 m2, Slim fit takes up less surface area than two parking spaces.

The smart, flexible design has many application possibilities. The house can be built as a free-standing house or a detached house and it can be situated between existing buildings; ideal for filling in inner areas of city blocks or for compacting, for example, spacious post-war urban development plans.

The concept is designed for the growing group of working singles who prefer to live in a compact yet comfortable, sustainable, characteristic and especially central urban contexts. Slim fit proves that living in a spatial and characteristic house is also possible within a minimal footprint.
In 2016, the design for Slim fit was one of the winners of the contest ‘Bouwexpo Tiny Housing’ (Building Expo Tiny Housing ) organized by the municipality of Almere. Meanwhile, the first Slim fit has been completed in Almere Poort.

Dutch Design Award Winner 2018 – Habitat

Photos: Christiane Wirth

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