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One Week About Clean Revolution by Leonne CuppenSolaRoad

SolaRoad is a consortium in Delft that develops, produces and markets road pavements thatharvest solar energy and convert it to electricity. State-of-the-art solar technology isintegrated into robust, prefabricated concrete elements. SolaRoad pavements, combininginfrastructure with solar energy production, turn roads into large, decentralized solar plants:invisible, inaudible, durable, and vandalism proof. Electricity from these pavements can beused to power lights, traffic-management systems, households, electric vehicles, and more.This concept has succeeded in the Netherlands and France since 2014.

Exhibition ‘Clean Revolution – Dutch design for a better world’
Yksi Expo
Torenallee 22-04, Eindhoven
Until January 5, 2019

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