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Amsterdam-based brand consultancy The Stone Twins has rebranded Songtradr, the world’s largest B2B music ecosystem and marketplace. The new brand identity includes a bold new logo, an updated tone of voice and a new sonic identity, amongst other things.

The rebrand signals that Songtradr, founded as a music licensing marketplace in 2014, has evolved to become a fully integrated suite of products and services that help global brands source, create, license, and use the right music. Songtradr’s music is played everywhere: from social media influencers to streaming platforms, online and in-store shopping, adverts, video games and much more.

The brand narrative, also developed by The Stone Twins, recognises that Songtradr connects music creators from all over the world with businesses of every size. This insight informed the new strap-line “Where Music Meets…” and the bold new Songtradr logo. 

Conceptually, the ‘S-logo’ contains two arrows that symbolise the two sides of the Songtradr platform, such as artists connecting with brands, or the marriage of creativity and data. In addition, the ‘S-logo’ is dynamic as it expands and dances to convey Songtradr’s growing catalog, products, services and great beats. The rebrand puts the rhythm back into algorithm. 

According to Declan Stone, The Stone Twins: “The old Songtradr logo was not just outdated and literal, but failed to represent Songtradr’s smart music solutions that mix artistry and data. The new look is intentionally bold but also playful. We call it Serious Fun. We’re looking forward to turning the brand up to eleven in the next few months, as the rollout continues in phases. Stay tuned.

Brand Identity (Visual + Verbal): The Stone Twins
Sonic Identity: MassiveMusic
Motion Design: NGL Motion

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