Spaces of Culture

Marjo van Schaik

Architecture | Publication

New cultural Venues in Amsterdam, Research and Strategies

Cultural flagships, from trendy breeding grounds to iconic cultural palaces, form the core of many urban cultural landscapes. Spaces of Culture is about the new construction and redevelopment of cultural buildings in Amsterdam in the period 2000-2016.

In the construction and development of new cultural spaces in the city, the precise location and architecture play a major role in connecting the venue to the changing needs of the public, the makers and the neighbourhood. Using various case studies, Spaces of Culture shows that the cultural sector could benefit from knowledge exchange between urban planners, developers and the world of architecture.

This book is relevant to cultural organisations, architects, governments and researchers in the Netherlands and abroad who want to know more about culture in relation to placemaking and the sense of belonging.

In 2018, Marjo van Schaik, received her PhD at Tilburg University by H. Mommaas, Regional Law and Governance en W. Salet, University of Amsterdam. This publication is the public edition of her dissertation Spaces of Culture, A trialectic analysis of the recent developments of cultural venues in Amsterdam.

Publisher: nai010 publishers

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