SPARK – Organic fireworks

Studio Roosegaarde

Spatial | Future concept | Sustainable Design

How can we celebrate sustainably? Artist Daan Roosegaarde became inspired by the magical light of fireflies, and a desire to update the culturally ingrained ritual of fireworks. The result is SPARK Bilbao, a poetic performance of thousands of biodegradable light sparks which organically float through the air, designed by Studio Roosegaarde. The Wellbeing Summit for Social Change in Bilbao-Biscay, Spain, is the first in the world to showcase this innovative solution for sustainable community celebrations. SPARK is now launched just before the Chinese New Year.

SPARK Bilbao transforms traditional and polluting methods of celebration such as fireworks, balloons, drones and confetti into a new sustainable celebration. Through a combination of design and technology, thousands of light sparks made of biodegradable materials are moved silently by the ever-changing wind; inspired by fireflies, flocks of birds and the galaxy of stars. In Bilbao’s central park, this dynamic 50 x 30 x 50 metres cloud of SPARK inspires visitors to wonder and reflect on their connection to each other, themselves and nature.

SPARK will be exhibited June 1-3, 2022 in Bilbao-Biscay.

The project is in collaboration with Draiflessen Collection and The Wellbeing Summit.

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Photography: Roberto Conte

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