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Speculation cookies

The Netherlands is in the midst of a housing crisis. The number of homeless people has increased sharply, hundreds of thousands of renters are having the greatest difficulty paying the rent, and twenty-somethings are being forced to stay with their parents. Finding housing has not been this difficult since World War II.

Not everyone is suffering from the housing crisis. There are also many people, companies and organizations who profit from it. For them, housing is an object of speculation. In response to this persistent phenomenon, artist and designer Yuri Veerman is launching Speculation Cookies, traditionally baked speculative biscuits decorated with symbols from the housing crisis, such as the now iconic portrait of pawnbroker Prince Bernhard of Orange.

Veerman has designed several posters about the housing crisis in recent years, including Bernhard van Oranje, The Prince with 349 Houses and Je bent te laat, a poster starring ever-rising house prices.

For Sale
The cookies are being sold in conjunction with a publication on speculation written by urban geographer Cody Hochstenbach. Cody is one of the most prominent voices in the housing crisis debate. Speculation cookies are shipped in an attractive cardboard box, brick size.

Speculation cookies can be ordered via dasmag.nl/product/speculatiekoekjes

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