Standing Textile(s) – Acoustic Edition

Fransje Gimbrère

Fashion & Textile | Material

In 2017 Fransje Gimbrère graduated with her project Standing Textile(s). A collection of 3D hand woven textile sculptures that function as abstract interior products, ranging from a sofa to dividing walls. The structures add aesthetics and can be woven into any shape, making them technique widely applicable.

Because of seeing more potential in the malleable structures she created, Fransje continued the project after graduating and soon added a new and eco friendly material in the mix, resulting in the acoustics improving ‘Standing Textile(s) – Acoustic Edition’ collection.

The lightweight structures, now with sound absorbing tactile skins, also aid in improving acoustics in interiors. The coating is made from recycled paper and the new collection exists out of sculptures and interior products, but also wall- and ceiling coverings that are custom made on request.

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Fransje Gimbrère

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