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ONE WEEK ABOUT Heritage by Frederike Huygen

Let’s stay a little longer in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. To collect and keep design is one thing, but how do you present it? In the coming year the design display will change but this will be quite a daunting task for the staff. How do you bring a number of static objects to life? A permanent collection is of interest to foreigners who are not familiar with the Stedelijk design collection. Others might want to visit and revisit the rooms. However, a permanent display may also lead to boredom and become exhausted. The presentation obviously will have to put the objects centre stage but will their presence be evocative enough? Should there be a neat chronological order or could it be interesting to mix and match all kinds of things in different ways, grouping them for example according to colour, shape or even in an associative way? The static nature of objects seems to be an obstacle, and a challenge…

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