Ordinary chairs that you sit on unusually

Studio Osdorperban

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“We are Studio Osdorperban and we make products for our own neighborhood. We do this in co-design with designers. Our motto is: design from within!

For our first assignment we used ordinary school chairs and took them apart, cut the seats in half and sawed off the legs. Result… Chairs that sit the way we want to sit on them; hanging high on the back, wobbling on two legs or extra chill low to the ground. Ordinary chairs that you sit on unusually.

We are Basma Sahmi, Ibrahim al Barbarawi, Aya Douich, Lucas Alexandrino Zegger, Amira belassal, Ismail Elouarizi, Ashraf Al Gani, Julien Karch, Narin Mahadew, Ceren Gorgulu.”

Together with The Beach, Moving Arts Project, Get Stronger by Bilal, 5713

On Tuesday 19 October 2021 we went to the Dutch Design Week for a day and stood in the Klokgebouw with our series of ordinary chairs that you sit on unusually.

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