Survival of the Fashionest

Joost Jansen

Fashion & Textile

Survival of the Fashionest is a vibrant hand-knitted-clothing brand founded in 2017 by Dutch designer Joost Jansen. As an ironic statement about the fashion industry and the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory, Survival of the Fashionest puts creativity and craftsmanship far beyond any commercial interest. The motivation behind the label is to preserve the knitwear heritage and the values of traditional craftsmanship in Europe.

After working 10 years with dominant figures in the industry, Joost realized that the knowledge and skills associated with traditional handicraft and craftsmanship are being forgotten. His motivation and long-lasting dream to create the best knitwear started when he got the opportunity to “adopt 250 grandmothers”, as he says. Since then, he’s been working with European knitters to create the finest garments, hand-made with traditional techniques, meticulous detailing and unique designs.

All sweaters are from 100% Irish traditional Donegal wool. Designed stitch by stitch, they take at least 2 weeks to create. They come in a specially designed ‘Box of Wonders’ to store your favorite belongings in.

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