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Technasium is the schooling format for secondary STEM education in the Netherlands. Technasium students work in teams on real science and technical projects and follow the unique course Research & Design.

For their multi-year strategic plan aimed at professional stakeholders (not students) Technasium asked for an engaging, clear and dynamic brochure.

To achieve this G2K Creative Agency opted for some clearly notable elements: a spaced out lay-out, distinctive art direction and bold graphical elements to add weight to the importance of the textual content.

The graphic elements were lifted from Technasium’s visual identity, yet properly enlarged to reference caution tape often found at labs. For photography we wanted to visualize science and education in an abstract way, levelling the intellectual capacities of the designated reading audience. The roomy layout adds clarity and breathing space for the reader.

Design and art direction: Rudmer van Hulzen
Photography: Elmer Driessen

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