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Jan Jansen Amsterdam

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(Inter)national relaunch of shoe fashion brand Jan Jansen Amsterdam

The shoe brand relaunches two lines: Jan Jansen and the exclusive Jan Jansen Linea Erotica. For the Spring/Summer collection, these two lines include an extensive range of fashionable clogs, wedges and high-heeled pumps. The driving force behind the relaunch of this iconic shoe brand is Hooijer Footwear Group, which became the brand owner of Jan Jansen Amsterdam in early 2021. Owner Hilco Hooijer is excited about the collaboration with the colourful shoe designer. “Jan’s designs are innovative and striking, but also very comfortable, I am told. His previous collections caused a stir, not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We have noticed that his creativity is as great as ever.”

Jan Jansen himself calls the relaunch ‘overwhelming’. “Hooijer gave me all the freedom I needed to design and that’s good, because inspiration is always in the air with me. I have 25 ideas for a new last and 10 ideas for new heels. So for the time being, I am not done designing yet. And I am also very happy that Hooijer Group wanted to continue with the challenging Linea Erotica. I expect that it will fill a niche in the market.”

Photos: Masterphoto and Frans Dekker Fotografie

JanJansen Amsterdam – showroom

Jan Jansen Linea Erotica – Eagle Terenz
Jan Jansen Linea Erotica – Bird of Paradise
Jan Jansen Linea Erotica – Peacock Terenz
Jan Jansen Linea Erotica – Partridge Terenz
Jan Jansen Linea Erotica
Jan Jansen Amsterdam – Opening September 2021

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