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ONE WEEK ABOUT Masterly – The Dutch in Milano by Nicole Uniquole, founder and curator of Masterly.

When I started Masterly, one thing was clear: the network for the participants must be as large and international as possible. Therefore I look throughout the year where collaborations are possible. I link Masterly participants with each other. But of course we are also regularly approached by international media partners to bring Masterly, and with it all the participants, to the attention of a wide audience.

The activity program also contributes to the expansion of the Masterly network, more about this tomorrow. The location also lends itself perfectly to the Masterly participants’ own events. Eigen Huis & Interieur (EH&I) and the Netherlands Interior Institute (NNI) also use the Grand Courtyard for their own Salone del Mobile event.

Together with the director of our international PR agency, Giuseppina Flor, for this year another great collaboration has been set up with 3 fantastic media partners: Designboom, Architonic and Archdaily. All days these three parties are on location with us. Our participants are happy with it as you can see in the pictures of designer Osiris Hertman, glass artist Bibi Smit, Ruud Groeneveld and Carissa Ten Tije of Sodalime, artisanal family business Vonn Jansen, architect Kees Marcelis, Marcel Kronenburg (carpets for buildings) and Studio Lawrence who celebrates its 15th anniversary at Masterly.

Seeing and being seen! It’s the Masterly vibe…. / Sodalime / Sodalime

Milaan Masterly 2022 – Vonn Jansen
Milaan Masterly 2022 – Osiris Hertman
Milaan Masterly 2022 – Bibi Smit
Milaan Masterly 2022 – Sodalime
Milaan Masterly 2022 – Linck Collections by Kees Marcelis
Milaan Masterly 2022 – Carpets for Buildings by Marcel Kronenburg
Milaan Masterly 2022 – Studio Lawrence
Milaan Masterly 2022 – mediapartners Designboom, Architonic, Archdaily
Milaan Masterly 2022

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Masterly – The Dutch in Milano

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Masterly – The Dutch in Milano

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