The Moving Memento

Daan Wubben

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Designer Daan Wubben, graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017, believes that with a visual and narrative translation of statistical information a better understanding and more empathy can be created for the large-scale aspect of different situations of national and international nature.

Wubben decided to look for a manner in which data from statistics can be made comprehensible, visual and tangible. The result was the project ‘The Moving Memento’. This project translates numbers and statistics into a physically moveable infosculpture/monument. Every individual – whether a person, animal or tree – is represented by one single stone. Assigning each individual a place gives people a clear insight into the size of a topic. Normally, a number is an abstract concept about which only few people can form an idea.

In July 2017 Wubben realized this concept in Den Bosch. The subject involved the boat victims of the Mediterranean Sea. 339 White stones were laid out on the courtyard of the Palace of Justice in Den Bosch. These stones represented the monthly number of migrants who lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Every stone that was laid down represented one boat victim.

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