The Oasis

Bureau Europa

Exhibition | Spatial

Landscape, the future and the Zuid Limburg region

The Oasis deals with the design of the environment that surrounds us and the exhibition aims at anybody who ever contemplated the designed space we live in. Developments like housing shortness, climate change and mobility are new issues when we think about landscape design. But how is that done: changing the landscape? This exhibition shows the possibilities, offers a brief course in landscape design in case of an emergency and shows direct, practical solutions. The Euregio and Zuid-Limburg are our best case. One can regard this region as an oasis. At the same time we do not take this oasis for granted. We have to work hard to preserve its strong features and create new opportunities. The Euregio has its proper, unique, international culture. It needs a design that can fully take advantage of its dynamics.

Bureau Europa asked architects Nicole Maurer Lemmens and Marc Maurer of Maurer United to make a presentation based on their broad experience and research of the landscape of Zuid Limburg. The focus is on their feeling for design and the tricks of the trade of landscape design. Apart from this they show an abundancy of work of other artists, designers and architects.

Exhibition ‘The Oasis’
Bureau Europa
Boschstraat 9, Maastricht
Till November 12, 2023

Photography: Moniek Wegdam
Video: Dohmen FIlms

Nicole Maurer Lemmens and Marc Maurer of Maurer United

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