Those Moments In Between

Sanne Romeijn


Sanne Romeijn (1993) is a documentary portrait photographer. In her work she is intrigued by people who have a personal story to tell. Here, mutual ties, family and identity are important recurring themes. The vulnerability of the person portrayed, but also of herself as a photographer, is essential for her. Her work is actually an investigation into the psychological landscape of the people around her and herself. Last summer, Romeijn graduated from the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam with her project ‘Those Moments In Between’.

Romeijn: “I met Victor during a house party. Without the least embarrassment, he was sitting on the couch wearing his pajamas. I immediately fell for his dry humor. Meanwhile, we have an eight-year relationship. From an early age onwards we have seen each other grow up and mature. Victor has been struggling with psychological problems for a long time. Gloomy thoughts, no vision of the future and on average three hours of sleep per night are occurring frustrations. This has an impact on Victor, on me and on our lives together. I use my camera to make the vulnerability of the situation more human and tangible. The portraits in my project are meant as a self-representation of love, intimacy and frustration. Despite the difficult moments we experience together, we are looking for a better way of living. By creating peace and seeking the freedom of nature. I have bundled this project in a self-designed book entitled ‘Those Moments in Between’.”

Nominated for the Dutch Photographers (DuPho) SO Student Award 2019

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