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Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) founded his studio immediately after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008.

Pepe is interested in the link between design and art. In the beauty of imperfection combined with hidden functionality, which comes with his natural inclination to re-use objects.

Tiny Miracles
In 2010, Pepe started a workshop in the slums of Mumbai, India. In this project he collaborates with the Tiny Miracles Foundation, set up by his cousin. Their aim is to break the poverty cycle of one community of 700 people by 2020. Apart from providing healthcare and education, it is essential that they become self-supporting.

Pepe Heykoop designs especially for this community, teaches them new skills and provides them with work. His latest design, ‘Paper Vase Cover’, is hand-made and currently offers fulltime work for 100 women. ‘Paper Vase Cover’ won the Interior Innovation Award 2013 at IMM Cologne.


Dutch Design Daily LIVE #3
With 0.a Pepe Heykoop
Tuesday September 8, 20.00 hrs
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Dutch Design Daily LIVE #3

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