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What happens when the precision of master craftsmanship challenges the supremacy of steel? When human hands push the limits of an unyielding material? Iron rods molded by turning, twisting and bending; from themselves and each other. A concept firmly seated in interaction, tension and force. A concept that always forges a unique creation.

The furniture is formed by twisting iron bars by hand and bending them into shape. Extraordinary human strength and formidable force are combined in the manufacture. The interplay results in bends and curves that cannot be reproduced: every piece is unique.

The industrial steel is approached with the term; self-empowerment. How can the material reach its full potential on his own strength without adding or using any other materials. A product that is created and existed out of one material. To get the steel combine, separate bars of steel are twisted around each other. The steel makes a new connection with itself and therefore creates a new unit.

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