Two Teams No Cup


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Belli Gallery in Milan invited Lava to install an exhibition during Salone del Mobile. As a Dutch design agency going to Italy and the fact the exhibition is open until the end of July 2018 the subject was set in stone.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 kicked off in Russia. 32 countries compete for the title of the best national football team in the world. An event that once again will captivate millions and millions of people worldwide. This year’s edition will be remembered as the one when two countries with the richest heritages in football are not joining: Italy and the Netherlands.

For both countries this failure is extremely hard to digest. It means bars remaining empty, orange and blue jerseys collecting dust in closets, main squares being free of cheering crowds, no cars driving the streets with waving flags. And supporters will be at home with too much time on their hands.

‘Two Teams No Cup’ is the solution. These puzzles are gymnastics for the mind. It requires time and practice. Don’t run from disappointment, embrace it. Don’t let your grief get the best of you. Beat it. You can do it. Forza Azzurri! Hup Holland!

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