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StudioSpass is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens. StudioSpass develops and designs online and offline identities, campaigns and exhibitions. In addition, the design studio also initiates its own projects, research and free work.

StudioSpass: “We have been creating typographic installations and sculptures for a number of years now. Creating spatial work and playing with architecture and public space (through interaction) always remains an interesting challenge. Our participation in the Typojanchi Typography Biennale in Seoul led to a commission in Japan.”

“Commissioned by Tetsuya Goto from OOO Projects we created a permanent typographic installation for FLAG studio, a cultural platform in Enokojima Osaka, Japan. The design consists of an ongoing stream of shapes and typography that creates different compositions from different viewpoints. Each individual wooden component is engraved with content referring to the platform’s general concept and its collaborative approach.”

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Photos: Gosuke Sugiyama / Gotthingham

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