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One Week About Typography by curator Henk Gianotten

In 2002 three former students from the KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague) started their own font foundry in The Hague. The German Akiem Helmling (r), the Finn Sami Kortemaki (l) and the Dutchman Bas Jacobs released many special fonts, Bello for example, was equipped with so much intelligence that it is able to make complex heads of script type. The recently released Zeitung fonts are even more complex because they anticipate the technique of Opentype Font Variations.

Zeitung has 8 weights; the 4 lightest types have the same absolute width so that their weight can easily be changed without causing the text to overrun. The font has 5 sets of figures, small caps and 2 ‘optical sizes’. The family includes a total of 32 fonts. The optional Zeitung Flex enables the user to modify letters on the axes of boldness and point size. A font with special software gives the user in InDesign CC or Illustrator CC the possibilities to simulate OTFV. A brilliant application that is already used in practice.

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