Vals Plat

Marjolein Grotenhuis

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As a designer, Marjolein Grotenhuis uses colour not as a detail but as the essence of her work. The aim of her collection is to let people experience that colour has depth and texture. ‘Vals Plat’ (False Flat) is a collection of various formations/compositions of textile and paper interior objects.

The origin of this collection is found in the Dutch landscape, often seen as endless but Grotenhuis experiences it as aesthetic with lots of details and nuances. The idiom of shapes is sourced from a picture archive, where she zooms out of landscapes and zooms into details like grass and the ways of processing reed and plaited straw.

The final palette of greens is derived from the processes of playing with colour, saturation, transparency and dynamics. Where a landscape seems to become flat, lines and layers emerge, a blend of saturated and transparent colour tones. The collection has been developed intuitively using screen-printing techniques. Grotenhuis designed her own tools to manipulate the screen-printing process and experimented with the possibilities of this process.

‘Vals plat’ was Grotenhuis’ graduation project at ArtEZ, Product Design Arnhem in 2016. She then started a studio to develop her own work.

Photos: Masha Bakker Photography

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