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Spotless yellow is the interior in the first picture is. Searching the image, looking for an uncovered spot, you will have to conclude that no nook or cranny has been missed! However, it is better to say that no cloth has been missed, because everything in this kitchen/living room is covered with the well-known yellow cleaning cloths. But what happened to the ceiling and the roof?

The work ‘Yellow Interior in 11,620 Parts ‘ by artist Marie Lexmond could be experienced in Het Oog, the built-in outdoor space of the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. Because of the absence of a roof, visitors were not allowed to enter the space in the case of rain and iciness.

Marie also works as a psychosynthesist/women’s social worker and her work deals with social issues. This work, too, refers to sexual violence. After such an event, women sometimes suffer from mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs) and a tendency towards excessive control. Under the influence of weather effects and pollution by the public, there were traces of usage and fungi. The blemish always comes to the surface.

Location: Het Oog, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Text and photos: Marie Lexmond


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