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Rijksmuseum Boerhaave shows the most important discoveries from the Dutch history of science and enables visitors to experience how much impact these discoveries have on our lives today. The museum closed its doors in 2016 for a major renovation. This led to the development of a new brand strategy and visual identity.

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave introduces you to the intriguing world of science. Each space has been changed into an interactive experience. The challenge was to propagate the variety of the collection and the versatility of the stories, but also to remain recognizable to the public. Before, during, and after the visit to the museum.

On the basis of the new brand strategy SILO developed means of communication that connect well with each stage of the visitor’s journey. The new identity is dynamic and emphasizes research and experiment. The scientific process and the different ways of looking are represented in visual experiments. The application of 3D software images and other innovative sources transforms and distorts images. Thus, classical themes can be viewed in a new light.

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