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Ahead of What Design Can Do Festival, on June 3 in Amsterdam, we introduce some of the speakers. Today we present Bob Hendrikx.‘Are you waste, or are you compost?’

Bob Hendrikx is an inventor, architect and biodesigner, as well as Founder and CEO of Loop: the world’s first fully biodegradable casket made out of mycelium fungi. It takes only 7 days to grow and shape a complete Living Coffin, in a sustainable process that uses no heat or energy. Once buried, these coffins turn into compost within 6 weeks, continually feeding the soil for up to 3 years as it decomposes. This makes Loop an appealing alternative to conventional burial methods, which can actually lead to soil degradation and groundwater pollution.

What if our polluted cemeteries could be turned into thriving forests? During the What Design Can Do Festival, Bob Hendrikx will be a speaker on this intriguing topic. Previously, in 2021, Loop’s Living Coffin was one of the winners of the What Design Can Do’s No Waste Challenge launched in partnership with the IKEA Foundation to address one of the most significant problems of our time: waste.

What Design Can Do Live Amsterdam 2022
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
3 June, 2022


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