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Focusing mainly on denim, Hardeman wants jeans to play a role as the ultimate example of social conformism. Denim pants have evolved from workman’s attire to a symbol of freedom to an everyday wardrobe staple for the masses.

With their collections, the label tries to break free from these kinds of conventions. By playing with existing relationships and structures that make up a recognizable garment, reality and perspective are put out of their place. Thereby Hardeman praises individuality and favors ‘flaws’ as the ‘new perfection’.

Sophie Hardeman: “Working in film has given me the opportunity to elaborate the stories entwined in the collections. I met Emma Westenberg at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. It was a strong wish for me to capture my graduation collection on film. To capture all the different characters and the absurd bluntness of day-to-day reality.”

“I was drawn to Emma’s work because of her interest in unusualities within daily life, detailing beautiful moments of awkward human escapades. Emma naturally understood how the story of my unconventional jeans collection could fit into a story line, which is underlined by Valerie Kamen’s dreamy lyrics.”


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