White Spots: A Journey to the Edge of the Internet

Richard Vijgen

Digital | Graphic

Digital networks are forever expanding. Places without smart phone reception or a WiFi connection are increasingly hard to find. If tech companies have their way, we will soon reach total connectivity and the remaining ‘white spots’ on the digital world map will disappear. But what is happening to the grid?

White Spots is a multimedia project by documentary filmmaker Bregtje van der Haak, visual artist Jacqueline Hassink and information designer Richard Vijgen. Stepping beyond the frontiers of the networked world, they explore unwired landscapes, communities and lifestyles, and question the need to be always ‘on’, plugged into a single, seamless, planetary tech-topia.

Through documentary storytelling, photography and virtual-reality experiences, White Spots engages the senses, enhances awareness of invisible networks, and tells personal stories from the unwired spaces on the planet.

Dutch Design Awards finalist Service & Systems 2017

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