Wild Poppy

Tara Fallaux


‘Getting married at an early age is common in China, but the younger generation is now starting to question if the traditional Chinese lifestyle fits their view on life and love relationships. Such mixed feelings about moral standards is felt a lot among young Chinese women and men who are still trying to find their identity and gender roles.’

‘In this series I want to present a poetic and reflective look on Chinese young love, expectations and life goals. A view on the pressure that society puts on young people to get married and be successful, and the vulnerability of shaping future dreams that are not real yet. Photographs of promising model buildings and parks are alternated with real parks and views from yet to be inhabited apartments.’

‘This is part of a photo and film project that revolves around a love letter of Poppy to her ex-boyfriend.’

Nominated for the Dutch Photographers (DuPho) SO Award 2019

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