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In Memoriam Wim Crouwel  (1928 – 2019)

On Thursday, September 19, Wim Crouwel died at the age of 90.

Much milder. Time flies,but certainly not centuries ago Wim Crouwel declares Anthon Beeke’s new studio at Keizersgracht to be officially open. He stands at the top of the stairs. Looks down, addresses the crowd. ‘This was not deliberate, honestly. No Olympus, it just happened this way.’ Either way, it was a historic moment. Crouwel – for many the stern, strict, rigid designer – intimates, all but submits that he might have been a little too uncompromising. In his principles. Over the years. Incidentally, he is not unsettled. Not in the least. He delivers the news in his very own way. Eloquent, charming, courteous, melodious. With a laugh that is simultaneously a smile. Such sincerity is not given to everyone.

Text: Paul Mertz
Translation: Ton Haak

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Wim Crouwel opens the studio of Anthon Beeke, 2001

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