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Right now I am working on a completely new book on Wim Crouwel which will appear in English and is being designed by Lex Reitsma. It is highly challenging to choose the pictures well and to create a visually interesting book; but this is a very exciting process too. I want to show as much work as I can from the Stedelijk Museum, since I feel we still really don’t know this well. Publications always show the same examples. Moreover, I discovered ‘the true story’ behind Crouwel’s  famous New Alphabet. Sometimes it takes a lot of searching to find something and you will have to keep going at it. Sometimes you get frustrated, but other times it pays off. Almost all Stedelijk-catalogues between 1963 and 1985 have been scanned (thank you Mariska Bijl!), a huge job. Here I give you a taste…

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