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YUME YUME and studio Thier & van Daalen launch a collaboration that fuses fashion with design. For this partnership, the Dutch design duo Thier & van Daalen presents a collection of hand-selected recycled plastic design shelves that feature intricate patterns. Alongside the design shelves, the limited edition special drop includes YUME YUME’s signature slides, the Suki & Tyre slide in a matching color palette.

The Plastic Mine collection by studio Thier & van Daalen turns irregular shaped factory overproduction plastics into unique and striking circular home accessories. Working with 3 different two-tone themes, the Dutch design duo created a limited series of 45 shelves while YUME YUME played around with the puffy straps and footbed of the Suki and Tyre slides in matching Shiny Lilac/Black, Shiny Blue/Grey and Orange/Pink.

Every shelf is unique, being of different color tone and shape, manufactured with as little energy as possible to minimize the impact on the environment. The limited shelves are numbered from 1 to 45 and were launch on May 26th on YUME YUME’s website. For the collaboration, retailers worldwide include SSENSE, END. Clothing, Kith and The Four Eyed.

YUME YUME is an innovative international design collective that brings together artistry and fashion. Taking style cues from modern art, technology and architecture, the Amsterdam based label is committed to creating a future-thinking size-inclusive collection of staples designed to add personality to every wardrobe.

Studio Thier & van Daalen
Iris van Daalen & Ruben Thier share their fascination for reflection of (sun) light, color transitions and the elasticity of materials. Over and over, they see it as a challenge to get hold of these matters and to abstract and translate them into sustainable designs. They create  designs for lighting, furniture, accessories and unique objects.


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