Judith Öfner

Buro Bordo is an Amsterdam-based project studio for art and design and is involved in content, organization and as a curator in projects of Dutch Design Foundation, Venice Biennale, Sandberg Institute, Eye Filmmuseum, Mondriaan Fund, Het HEM and more. They also co-initiated and set up the Circular Department Store in 2020, winning a Dutch Design Award in 2021. In 2022, they co-founded the social design platform Re-gained with PTSA. Re-gained is a Research& Develop (R&D) label for circular design and aims to encourage sustainable development in product design and production. They collaborate with Atelier Reservé, Simone Post and others.

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Re—gained x Atelier Reservé x Boro Atelier, Dutch Design Week 2023. photo: Jurre Ongering
Exhibition Melanie Bonajo, Venice Biennale. photo: Peter Tijhuis
Exhibition Programmers of the Future, Seeing the Unwritten. photo: Angie Dekker