10 Years of Thomas Eyck


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The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen presents the exhibition ‘10 Years of Thomas Eyck’. Thomas Eyck (1964) is not just a designer because with his label t.e. he also reinvigorates local artisan workshops.

Characteristic of the work appearing under this label are the skill and the creativity of the designers and craftsmen concerned. Eyck builds up his collection by annually inviting one or two designers to create a series of products in a specific material.

Curator Jules van den Langenberg visited various workplaces of craftsmen and designers with whom Thomas Eyck cooperated over the past decade and he selected ten object series. “I consider these ten series exemplary for Eyck’s working method in which a designer and craftsman or crafts woman join forces in the development of a series of objects. They represent his attentive way of working and connecting.”

Eyck’s love for working with artisanal material awakened when he worked for seven years at ceramics specialist Royal Tichelaar Makkum. Thomas Eyck: “How to make something really special out of nothing, with a good design and the right professionals, that’s what fascinates me. In the resulting design I can feel the energy and the time that are put into creating it.”

Exhibition ‘10 Years of Thomas Eyck’
Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen (follow the signs)
Up to May 14, 2017


Curated by Jules van den Langenberg
Commissioned by Zuiderzeemuseum
Design: Lernert & Sander
Production and photos: ADULT

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