8 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Marjan van Aubel

Product | Future concept | International | Material | Sustainable Design

8 Minutes and 20 Seconds is a new installation by solar designer Marjan van Aubel, whose innovative practice brings solar energy into daily life. Inspired by the latest Lexus concept car, the installation features a to-scale replica of the LF-ZC (Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst) reimagined through van Aubel’s pioneering use of solar panels.

Named for the time it takes sunlight to reach the Earth’s surface, 8 Minutes and 20 Seconds incorporates Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells to create a dazzling spectacle. In conjunction with light and motion sensors, the installation provides an interactive experience for visitors. Additionally, the installation’s solar-powered batteries offer a functional glimpse into the potential of carbon-neutral technology.

As part of the next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) fleet, the LF-ZC concept car represents another step toward Lexus’ electric revolution. A catalyst for new experiences in the electric age, this concept car demonstrates Lexus’ commitment to premier driving experiences and social responsibility.

8 Minutes and 20 Seconds was developed by Marjan van Aubel’s studio in collaboration with spatial and experience design firm Random Studio. As a designer, van Aubel weaves solar technology into aesthetically-pleasing lighting and furniture solutions as well as striking public installations.

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Photography: Steve Benisty 

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