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CH01R is a choir of robots that sing together using AI-generated sounds

CH01R is designed to provide visitors of VOS Design Store in Groningen, with a unique experience during the Christmas period. During the festive season, at the entrance of the store, the robot Christmas choir can be seen. Together, they perform their rendition of the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’. It’s a spectacle of art, design, music, and technology.

CH01R comprises a series of robots, each equipped with its own computer and AI-generated soundtracks. They are interconnected and continuously seek each other out to perform their numbers synchronously. Each robot also translates the sound into light, making the “singing” both audible and visible. This light creates an enchanting choreography of light that complements the sound. Their ‘heads’ are transparent cubes where both the light and the technology used are visible.The repertoire of CH01R can be adapted to suit the occasion, event or location. This could include performances in a church, a museum, at a festival or during a fashion show.

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vos.designPhotography: Rense van Slageren

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